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Celebrity Travel Addicts – Brock of Edges of Earth & SoloTravel365

By: on July 15, 2020 In this edition of , we speak with Brock, the world traveler behind the Edges of Earth YouTube channel and the SoloTravel365 travel blog.
We chat with this modern-day explorer about the quotes he came across that made him want to follow his passion of traveling the world, traveling around different countries with locals, being under COVID-19 lockdown in India, and much more.
Check out his favorite destination s around the globe and find out where he’s off to next.
The first time I traveled out of the country , I was 14 years old.
My parents took me to South Africa for a couple of weeks to go on a Safari.
The following summer, the same South African couple that we previously met, invited me to hang out on their Ranch for the summer.
I visited South Africa again, alone, at age 15 for about 30 days.
2 years later , I traveled back to Africa, this time Zimbabwe, with my parents.
Needless to say, I was bitten by the travel bug – and bitten hard.
In fact, I think it must have burrowed its way down to the bone and never came out.
Traveling to Africa only left me with more quest ions than answers.
I was so intrigued about how and why things were so different than that of the USA, my native country.
When I think back, this must have been the origin of my travel addiction.

Brock of Edges of Earth and SoloTravel365 overlooking a lake in Udaipur

To be honest – it is not so much that traveling, specifically, is important (for everyone).
I believe that it is important for everybody to follow their own passion in life.
If your passion is to skateboard, awesome, make more time for it.
If your passion is aeronautics, awesome, get your pilot’s license and try to fly as much as possible.
If your passion is cooking, awesome, try to design your life around cooking more often.
In my mind, the key is not simply traveling.
The key is determining your passion, and including more of it in your life.
The only outcome from doing this, is positivity and happiness.
Imagine waking up every morning and doing the one thing that makes you smile.
How awesome would that be.
I think we can all agree that it would be pretty awesome.
I challenge everyone to look deep within themselves to determine their passion, and in addition, create a blueprint that will help you include more of it in your life.
For me, Travel is my passion.
It is my everything.
I wake up every day and go on another adventure which leads me to meet more local people and experience more of the local culture.
I am on Cloud Nine.
Absolute bliss.
To me, travel is everything that I had hoped for only a few years ago.
So for me, personally – yes, travel is definitely important.
You have a very inspiring story when it comes to how you made the decision to start traveling the world solo.
Can you please share it with us?.
In short, following my 26th birthday, I stumbled across these 3 quotes while browsing Facebook, several months apart.
“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life.
When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.
I wrote down ‘happy’.
They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” – John Lennon.
“If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.” – W.
“Fear is temporary, regret is forever.” – Anonymous.
Now as strange as this sounds, these quotes shook my mindset to its core.
I made it a mission to determine what would make me happy, even if I did it for the rest of my life (rich or poor).
After intense thought for about 2 weeks, I determined that traveling the world and experiencing culture would be the ultimate bliss.
Just a few months later I donated everything to Goodwill and started my never-ending adventure.
The full story can be found here.
Brock of Edges of Earth and SoloTravel365 taking a selfie with villagers along the coast of Gujarat, India (one man invited him to his home for tea afterward)!.
On your YouTube channel, Edges of Earth, something you try to do is travel around the country you’re visiting with a local.
How did that idea come about?.
Good question.
I’m not sure really.
I guess I just fell in love with the idea of traveling deeper within a culture and throwing myself into the unknown.
I guess I feel that the best way to do that is by meeting local people, making friends with them, and sometimes traveling together.
The amount of information that I have learned by simply being around local people, has been unprecedented.
In addition to learning more about the culture, I try my best to film the interaction between me and the local person.
I believe this gives the viewers an idea about the local people.
Things like: What the local people sound like when they speak English, what the local people dress like, what type of body language they have, what their habits are, how they make decisions, the list goes on.
I think it helps to give the viewer a first-hand experience of what it’s like to be in a particular country – which only helps to build their personal confidence about traveling there.
What is something you’ve learned or experienced through traveling with locals that you feel you couldn’t have learned or experienced otherwise?.
It’s hard to simply identify only one.
Traveling with locals helps in so many different ways.
I have been able to go to locations that I would have never thought possible if I was traveling alone.
In the United States, trespassing is a large issue.
In some other countries that I have visited, trespassing doesn’t exist.
The property is owned by the government and therefore you can travel anywhere.
If I was traveling alone, I would have never known this.
Even if I did know this, I would have never been able to build enough courage to walk in certain areas – simply because the fear of trespassing, entering someone’s personal space, or walking in the wrong area is etched deep in my mind.
It doesn’t matter which country I visit, locals are always more fun to be around and they have always been so helpful.

Brock of Edges of Earth and SoloTravel365 walking through a giant lotus field with locals

You were traveling through the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India when the coronavirus pandemic hit.
What was your experience there like?.
The lockdown situation in Tamil Nadu was definitely an interesting ordeal.
Being that I don’t pay attention to the news, the lockdown happened without me knowing it.
The very first day of lockdown, all of the businesses were closed which left me with an extremely limited supply of food.
I started rationing my food for the first week.
I ate oats and water for breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Soon, small food stalls opened up at certain times of the day, which gave me access to a slightly larger variety of food.
In addition to the food, the Indian Immigration Office is/was rather broken.
Apparently, foreigners were required to submit a large amount of documents to them for visa extension.
It took about seven hours to complete.
After submitting these documents seven different times (over the course of 2 months), they always rejected my application every single time.
The email department said to talk to the phone department, and the phone department said that I needed to listen to the email department.
Nobody would tell me why my paperwork was rejected.
Finally, I simply stopped trying.
The positive side of this lockdown was the amount of time that it has given me.
I have been able to get caught up on so much editing and so many other large tasks.
If the lockdown never happened, I would still be so far behind schedule.
Since December of 2016, I have traveled 365 days per year (hence the name of my website).
I took a small break to make an appearance at a wedding in the United States only once – but I still did lots of traveling while there.
Call me strange, but I enjoy visiting areas that are slightly underdeveloped.
I have found that these areas have had very little impact from Western culture – mainly because they are not tourist areas.
Because of this, their culture is extremely rich and diverse.
Rich culture is what I love.
I think I travel quite a bit slower than most other travelers.
I prefer staying in a country for several months at a time and even up to a year at a time, when possible.
This allows me to familiarize myself with the culture at its deepest level.
I enjoy this method more than bouncing from country to country for only a few weeks at a time.
That would barely give me enough time to experience the culture.
When I can start to predict the actions/reactions of the local people (within multiple different types of scenarios), then I feel culturally accomplished.
It usually takes quite a while to get to that point.
Yes, I am a geek.

Brock of Edges of Earth and SoloTravel365 exploring the ancient structures of Jodhpur

To be honest, I’m not quite sure.
I generally don’t focus a lot of my YouTube efforts towards teaching people about the local culture.
It’s a little bit strange because that is generally my primary focus while I am there.
The majority of what people will find on my channel is simply me interacting with local people of all types.
Sometimes the locals try to teach me their local language, sometimes they introduce me to different foods, sometimes they bring me to an interesting location, or many other things.
If people browse my YouTube channel, they will simply see the interaction between me and locals in various forms.
I guess I hope that by watching enough videos, the viewers will start to realize that the world isn’t as dangerous as the media portrays.
The majority of people in this world are kind, friendly, welcoming, and caring; even though everyone has different cultures, customs, religions, and languages.
We are all, at the basic core, human.
This is probably the most requested question I’ve ever been asked.
Usually, people want to know the ‘number one’.
I always tell them that it is impossible to choose simply one.
I usually give them the top three.
Your question is perfect.
1st Place – Philippines 1st Place – India / Bangladesh (these felt basically the same to me) 3rd Place – Vietnam I know, I know, there are 2 countries with 1st Place.
That’s because both countries are absolutely amazing.
They have different cultures and they are amazing in different ways.
I do not know how to weigh the differences.
It is important to note that when I rank a country, it is based on the people, specifically.
If the people are kind, caring, friendly, welcoming, and hospitable, then I will fall In love with everything about their country.
Architectural beauty and the beauty of the landscape is barely part of my equation.
Brock of Edges of Earth and SoloTravel365 holding on for dear life on the back of a motorbike in HCMC, Vietnam.
OMG, this question is like asking a kid in a candy store about his top five favorite pieces of candy – even though he has tried 1,000 different kinds and he has loved them all.
My ‘top places’ are chosen by how many people showed an interest in me and wanted to speak.
Here we go: INDIA: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.
Ahmedabad, Rajasthan.
Mount Abu, Rajasthan.
Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.
Tirur, Kerala.
It was really tough to make that list.
It is in order, by the way.
This short video gives you a feel for what it’s like to walk around in India.
I think I am on country number 23 or 24, depending on your definition of a ‘country’.
Wow, another tough question.
I’m not much of a foodie, but here we go: 3) Malai Kofta – India 2) Beef Lok Lak – Cambodia 1) Bánh ít Dẻo  – Vietnam (This is only a dessert.
I ate them for breakfast every day) This has been my favorite food that I have ever tried while traveling the world.
I want to fly back to Vietnam just to eat one.
Brock of Edges of Earth and SoloTravel365 joining some local men in a Vietnamese village for rice wine and chicken parts.
Again, I’m not much of a foodie.
So this question is difficult.
I usually just eat something relatively healthy for 10 minutes and then keep going.
It’s quite rare that I go to a restaurant to ‘enjoy’ a meal.
Food simply keeps me alive.
That’s how I view it haha.
I do, however, recommend that people try a few famous meals within each country that they visit.
You know what’s crazy.
I started watching a movie that I have never heard of before, and thought it was going to be just another B rated film.
Every minute that passed, I literally couldn’t believe how similar I was to the main character.
The way he spoke, the decisions that he was making, the ideas that he had, his personality…our similarities were unbelievable.
I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire movie.
I had the most eerie feeling of deja vu throughout the entire movie.
That movie was called Into The Wild.
I hate traveling through airports.
People, crowds, waiting, delays, overpriced food, excessive use of A/C…this list goes on.

Brock of Edges of Earth and SoloTravel365 at the top of MS University in Baroda

Another tough question.
I spent a total of two months volunteering at an underprivileged school, a tiny village, in the middle of nowhere, in Bihar, India.
I won’t reveal the name.
But if you watch my video series, I’m sure someone could figure it out if they really wanted to know.
Despite most of the students being born into poverty, they all were quite kind, friendly, full of smiles, and high-fives.
Definitely a place I will never forget.
Local people, only.
I am quite strictly a solo traveler.
I have been invited to travel with other foreigners as well as having foreigners who invited themselves to travel with me.
I have declined all of them.
My definition of solo traveling is slightly different, and deeper, than that of other travelers who have talked about the topic.
I feel that if you are traveling with another foreigner, then you are not solo traveling.
But if you are traveling with a local person, then you are still considered a Solo Traveler.
I will break this ‘only travel with locals rule’, if another YouTuber reaches out to me and wants to collaborate for two or three days.
Anything beyond that, will most likely be declined.
Definitely contact me if we are in the same location at the same time.
I have heard that some travelers bring gaming systems along with them (Xbox/PlayStation), play games on their phone, or watch Netflix.
To each their own, I suppose.
For me, the best way to kill time is to simply go outside and travel more haha.
It is, however, very rare that I have free time.
The majority of the time is spent editing videos.
This takes a ridiculously large amount of time.
But if for some reason I am all caught up (which has only happened once in four years [2020 lockdown]), I would simply go out for a walk in the local neighborhood to meet some local people.
I would probably be invited to play a game [in real life] with the local people.
To me, this is so much fun.

Brock of Edges of Earth and SoloTravel365 soaking in the beauty of Hong Kong

Hmm, exotic.
Not sure.
Basically any place as far away from the tourist area as possible.
Maybe traveling outside of the tourist area is exotic to some people, but to me, this is completely normal.
I feel awkward and out-of-place when I travel to a tourist area.
I guess I’m a bit weird.
The word ‘exotic’ does remind me of a unique story.
I was in Vietnam traveling with a local man on his motorbike when it suddenly started to rain.
We stopped at the nearest coffee shop to stay dry.  As we entered, we were wondering why the coffee price was significantly higher than the normal local price.
It turned out that it was a ‘special’ coffee shop.
You pay a high price for coffee and they will give you and your friend a room with a bed.
They will also give you as much time as you want to ‘drink the coffee’.
The local man and I both felt awkward, but we also thought it was hilarious at the same time.
We actually bought coffee and went inside the room.
A couple of days later we went back and filmed a street food video inside that same room (that video turned out to be hilarious).
If you are only thinking about it, keep in mind that: There will never be a ‘perfect’ time to start traveling.
We all have stress in our lives, commitments, expectations, social pressure, etc.
You just have to take a leap of faith (a rather big leap, if I may add).
If not now, when.
The best time to start is, and will always be, now.
I recently wrote a couple of massive articles which talk about this very topic.
Important Critical Solo Traveling tips that you should know before you go & when you should start solo traveling.
My best travel advice is to simply be prepared.
There are so many amazing things that you will get to experience while you are traveling the world.
But there are also some negative things as well.
The key is to be aware of the potential negativities.
If you are prepared for them, then they won’t affect you as much.
If you are not prepared, they will hit you blindsided.
Taking a few moments out of your time to learn what you currently don’t know, will be of great benefit to you.
Seriously, that’s all I need.
I just need a local SIM card with 4g, and I’m good to go.
Without the internet, I couldn’t communicate to locals (other than with body language…and we all know that can be a bit difficult).
I don’t need A/C.
I don’t need a beautiful house / hotel.
I don’t need new clothes.
I don’t need games.
I am the most basic/simple/plain person you have probably ever met.
I just don’t need much to be happy.
All I want to do is travel to new locations and meet new local people.
That is it.
OK, maybe my camera & laptop for making videos.
So that’s 3 things.
Oh, and clothing – so I don’t get arrested.
There’s 4 ;).
Papua New Guinea has been on my radar for years.
I’ll probably go there when I eventually reach Indonesia.
Every time I have checked prices to fly into Papua New Guinea, it has been unbelievably expensive.
So, I just figured that I would wait until I am in the neighborhood and simply cross the border or something.
From the outside looking in, it appears that there are a lot of places in which the people are one-with-nature.
They live a very rustic and underdeveloped lifestyle.
For some reason, I am intrigued by ancient culture and basic human instincts.
Brock of Edges of Earth and SoloTravel365 Watching the sunset over a river in a small village in Bangladesh.
“Your time is running out.

Start living!” – EdgesOfEarth (me) Somewhere along my YouTube journey

this quote popped into my head.
I now say it at the end of almost every video.
I realized that many people spend their whole lifetime helping to achieve the dreams of someone else (their boss).
And it usually isn’t until old age until most people discover that they have spent their whole lifetime prioritizing someone else’s life, rather than their own.
Sad fact, indeed.
Why not consider taking your life back.
Why not consider creating a life that is geared towards you and your own personal goals/aspirations.
Food for thought.
With every passing day, the window of opportunity becomes smaller and smaller (time is running out).
If you don’t treat your own goals seriously, nobody else will.
If not now, when.
Where do you hope to travel after the pandemic is over?.
My ticket was booked for Sri Lanka, and it has been canceled so many times that I have lost count.
After Sri Lanka, I will stay in Delhi, India for a few months, and then I will be off to Pakistan – if all goes well.
Brock of Edges of Earth and SoloTravel365.
Brock is a Solo Travel Vlogger and has been on the road since June of 2016.
You can usually find him far away from the tourist areas hanging out with the locals.
When he’s not wandering around villages, he is usually behind his computer editing his latest video.
You can learn more about Brock and his travels on his website and YouTube channel, and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram and Facebook as well.
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MalwareTips MalwareTips is one of the better sites when it comes to free give aways for Windows 10.
Unlike other websites, MalwareTips is really a forum internet site that features different kinds of content such as Tech News, Reviews, malware samples, and much more.
It’s only started a giveaway forum where few enrolled users have started posting a giveaway for security-related applications and much more.
Are give away cracked applications safe.
Well, it depends up on the hosting website.
However, most of that time period , you can tell by this content which the Messenger program is probably a hoax.
Keep this in your mind when the hosting site is a forum at which different people are offering up paid applications for free.
Can you find this list of 10 best web sites to down load paid PC software for liberated to really be helpful.
Let us know in the comments.
Read more.

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Thursday, 23 April 2020 by Download Wii Isos to play Nintendo Games With its Earliest Debut of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) into America in 1985, the then little known Japanese Firm, Nintendo dominated the Game console market for over a Decade; their popularity Might barely be matched by its competitors.
As 1994 rolled in Sony did attempt to embarrass Nintendo for a while with the release of the Playstation, but the release of this Nintendo 64 (N64) at 1996 yet more put the company in the gaming system lead.
Also with the release of the Nintendo GameCube sixth generation game at the early 2000s, that this console had heaps of favorite games titles on this that bolstered its success.
In spite of the constant competition, Nintendo held strong.
Fast forward to 2006 the Nintendo Wii, wireless digital generation game console was released and rather than coming up with a hard core processing unit and graphic display that will compete directly with rival video games of Microsoft Corporations Xbox 360 and Sony Corporations PlayStation 3 (PS3), wii console was built on innovation, simple and extremely responsive motion-sensitive controllers, costeffectiveness and ultimately sticking to its general standard functionalities.
This brand new console featured a digital console using multi playerparty matches, backwards grip which made it possible for players to use various Nintendo accessories and game titles out of GameCube, an in- assembled wifi for linking to the Web along with other free internet services which culminated in the age of Nintendo Wii ROMS, where by users can simply download any Nintendo game name in an ISO/ROM format over the Wii console, PC or any mobile system.
Advertently that the wii had saturated the video game console market as well as at the act establishing the most significant user base, out selling both PS2 and Xbox.
Now, all of the Wii games may be transformed to Wii ISOs (also referred to as Nintendo Wii ROMs).
The Ready Only Memory, more popularly called ROM(therefore ) ostensibly, is really a record that houses a duplicate of ones matches torn out of the first game disc or internet download.
roms pack wii iso roms at this site The terrific thing about such Wii ISO downloads will be that they have been available on a ton of internet sites you can see on your browsers to easily play and download on your computer, Tablet or Smartphone.
Best Wii Roms GamesWithout doubt something which has retained the Nintendo games console in the industry and contributed it steady competitive advantage against its competitors is its several game tiles, so most of these names are classics out of older consoles, games which came with the launch of the wii and newer additions.
And the best thing about these games is that you dont have to be considered a hard core gamer to appreciate such games.
Having a variety to pick from, some of the Finest Wii games include great adventure games such as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess that aided the Wii start off with a bang, Mad World, Sonic Colours, Super smash bros brawl, Tatsunoko vs.
Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, Mario Kart, Wii Party, SuperMario Galaxy, Xenoblade Tales, to demanding battles games like Metroid Prime Trilogy and also a Great Deal more.
Both hard core gamers and routine gamers are sure to find something that is very interesting in their mind.
Notice that in the event you have no a Wii games console or a disc of these terrific games, not to stress because you can simply download a huge amount of Wii ROMs on line and play with in your own PC.
Only a Click on the perfect online gaming site and youre guaranteed to get Super smash bros brawl ISO, Mario kart Wii ISO, SuperMario galaxy ISO, Xenoblade Tales ISO, Metroid prime trilogy ISO and also a bunch of other games ISOs on the market free download.
Nintendo Emulator GamesOnce a Nintendo game was downloaded and stored in a ROM file, then you would also have to download an emulator to permit you play with the downloaded match.
An emulator is a software that may mimic play with any file format on your apparatus.
You can find quite a number of emulators you can download online, a number of the very popular ones that encourage, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii and Wii-U, NES comprise; Dolphin Emulator to engage in wii isos even though there are always a slew of emulators on the market which are compatible with your PC, this really is a emulator which can run tremendously well in your own device, since its by far the most stable emulator capable of conducting both and seventh generation consoles.
Even the Dolphin emulator is sure to enable you play with a huge amount of Nintendo games, you can download Nintendo ROMs and play games on the web for free on your PC.
Users of the emulator can make full use of the Wii Shop Channelthis allows them add more things to their account, down load matches and play them with the benefit of their programs upscaler.
Simply connect your personal computer other Bluetooth or Wi-Fi supported devices and have to play with multiple players on the system.
This emulator also readily finds out the Nintendo ISOs stored on your SD card in zip/non-zip formats to enable you play with them readily.
This emulator delivers a modern interface and high-definition gaming experience.
Its main features are; match progress saving, this service has 8 manual slots and also screenshots, rewind game progress in the event you attempt if you make a wrong move and also want a perform.
This emulator includes a number of integrated games that are free or offered to public domain games.
It likewise allows you to incorporate games that have been from ROM, ISO (Zip) file formats and also play your device.
For its own features, the app supports multi-player gaming and lets you play games in both landscape and portrait styles.
Its own high-graphics service is really full of an user friendly interface and complete its low-on-battery highperformance.
This emulator is guaranteed to provide you an great gaming experience on any product.
Additional Terrific programs where you can download ROMS and emulators to your Wii, GameCube, Wii-U, N64 and DS are: RetroArch — All in One Emulator Emu Paradise Emulator Note that until you download one of those emulators you could also check the compatibility list on each emulator download site in order to know that which games might be played together with the emulator, so you know which emulator suites your gambling needs most useful, before you go on to download.
Platforms That Help wii ROMsin the same way it is important to note the compatibility of games and emulators, its also extremely important to see that which emulators are harmonious on your own apparatus such as Windows, Ios, Linux, Web or Android.
And I will be listing the emulators which are just suitable for every one your apparatus and systems.
Most frequently these emulators are encouraged on a broad range of Windows OS, thus you are able to play you Nintendo ROMs in your own PC.
The most compatible emulators for Windows comprise: DolphinSNES9x EmulatorRetroArch — All in One EmulatorEmu Paradise EmulatorAndroidMany emulators that enable you play Nintendo ROMs in Your Own own Android can easily be found on Google Play Store for free.
Therefore most usually when you dont observe the emulator in the app store then it is probably your version of Android doesnt support the emulator.
Some times you may also check on the emulator site for downloads if you dont find any on the app store.
The most appropriate emulators for Android contain: Dolphin RetroArch –allinone EmulatorEmu Paradise EmulatorCitra 3Ds EmulatorSnes9x EX+macos if youd like to find the most out of the emulators listed below and enable them work properly in your Mac, iPad or iPhone as you play your Nintendo ROMs, then it is better you have the iOS X variation or even higher.
Compatible emulators include: DolphinSNES9xRetroArch — all in one EmulatorEmu Paradise EmulatorCitra 3Ds EmulatorOpen Emu Emulator3DS emulator Linuxwith one of these emulators recorded below you are sure to find the best game play by playing on the web or downloading the Nintendo ROMs to play all on you Linux devices.
Compatible emulators for Linux comprise: Dolphin SNES9xRetroArch — Allinone EmulatorEmu Paradise EmulatorCitra 3Ds Emulator Read more.

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Wednesday, 08 April 2020 by


There are perks to different seasons in life, and this is certainly true when it comes to retirement.
This time is often accompanied by approaching the end of your career, empty nesting, and starting a new chapter of life such as experiencing the best niagara falls tours .

When your children were gathered round and there was always something going on and people to do things with, you may miss your younger years.
There are some unique pluses about traveling later in your life, and here are a few of the advantages we see.

When youre raising a family, your life is often centered on whatever your children find interesting.
Youre focused on them, 100% of the time, for years, which is something you d never trade.
Now, however, with that intensely focused time behind you, you have the chance to see and do the things that youve always dreamed of.

Having time to travel with the best niagara falls tours and see those that we love will be something well never regret.
The older you get, the more the realization sets in that childhood is brief, and time with the smaller people in our lives is fleeting.
The time to talk about life, have fun together, and get to know each other is now.

You may not love the fact that you actually are a senior, but you might as well take advantage of the discounts … cuz you can.
In addition to getting a cheaper price on admission to the swimming pool or paying $10 for a lifetime senior pass to see the nations national parks, you can also get other discounts on travel, accommodations, etc.

Regardless of whether there are other aspects of this time of life that arent exciting or ideal, traveling with the best niagara falls tours is effectively one of the perks.
Theres time to see what you want to see and freedom from career obligations or other commitments that monopolized your younger years.
We provide transportation for senior groups.
Whether youre with friends or family on a sightseeing with best niagara falls tours, are planning to vacation with a tour operator, or want to reserve a coach to cover the approaching reunion with your family, we are only a call away.
Our professional team strives to give you the best customer service and implement group transportation in a way youve never experienced it before.

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Monday, 06 April 2020 by


Education for children these days is a far cry from what it was in yesteryears.
The period of one-room schoolhouses, coal stoves, individual chalk slates, and one teacher for all grades combined is a distant memory.
The world is a different place than what it was, and education today has ease of uses that children of earlier eras didnt experience.
Consider the following examples:

The comfort of boxed pencils and electric pencil sharpeners, making it a snap to write on a piece of paper.
How about pens, individualized crayon boxes, markers, colored pencils, paints, and more.
Because they are so easy and inexpensive to get, children have much wider access to writing materials and art supplies as never before.

Backpacks. Providing something to carry things back and forth to school in makes things easy to keep everything together in one place.
And lets not even learn more on how cool it is to be able to choose a bag that sports your favorite movie character or superhero on the front.
For little kids, thats a huge bonus.

Planners. Often its tough for young folks to consider everything they need to do for several classes, and companies that produce planners have created an easy, compact solution.
Having a small book where kids can write everything down and take note of it all is genius.

School lunch. Sometimes its not easy to bear in mind to put the homework from the night before in the backpack, let alone a sack lunch, too.
In today times, you can pay up front and schools will provide lunch for kids.
This is especially nice if youre a working parent and your mornings are super busy cuz youre aiming to get out the door, too.

What about informative learning apps.
While we could cite many examples of how technology has transformed education, one thing that comes to mind immediately is apps.
Apps have changed how we interact with the world at large, and this adheres for children, too.
If theyre striving in a certain subject, surely theres an app available thats economical (or free!), providing your kids with a fun way to get the supplemental help they need without it feeling like a drag.
And lets not neglect all of the online educational resources that are free, too, aside from YouTube channels dedicated solely to educational aims.

Did you know that, as a motorcoach company, we offer Rochester Charter Bus to assist schools in providing safe, reliable transportation to and from school for todays children.
Having one Rochester Charter Bus that can transport an entire educational group is certainly a convenience that earlier eras wouldnt have dreamed of.
When you need help getting your students from here to there, we hope that were the company you call!

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Sunday, 05 April 2020 by


On June 5, 2002, Elizabeth Smart was taken from her house by Brian David Mitchell.
She invested the next 9 dreadful months of her life with Mitchell and a lady called Wanda Ileen Barzee.
Her life was turned upside down overnight, and she was subjected to a terrible truth, including being sexually attacked multiple times daily.
The story of her kidnapping from her bed room as a 14-year-old and her subsequent rescue and return to her family the following March made headline news.

In spite of the extremely disturbing things she experienced, Elizabeth has taken her story and utilized it as an inspiration for helping others.
She has actually become an activist, getting included and speaking out on safety issues and defense for kids, to name a few things.
Her work is motivating and her story is extraordinary.

Any woman who hears what she went through cannot help however believe about positioning a high concern on personal safety.
And while its real that ladies arent the only victims of terrible criminal activities, they may, at times, be more susceptible.
Although you cant prevent every bad thing from happening, females can practice some simple routines that increase the possibility of staying safe.

For beginners, lock your windows and doors.
This is such a simple thing, but it can make a substantial distinction.
A great deal of bad circumstances come from opportunists trying to find a simple in, and a couple of extra minutes checking the locks before going to bed, leaving your home, or when parking your vehicle can make all the distinction.

If youve been out on the town for the night and youre ready to head home, have someone you trust stroll you to your parked cars and truck, particularly if its dark, secluded, and youre alone.
Perhaps it appears unneeded and you do not want to put anyone out, however its better to be safe than sorry.

Bring mace.
This is a simple one that does not need any work on your part, other than purchasing the mace for the first time and putting it in your bag.
And, if you run solo (specifically in secluded areas or in the early morning or in the evening), bring it with you.
Its light and youll hardly see it, however youll be glad to have it if you ever require it!

Tell individuals where youre going.
This might not always be possible if you live alone, however when you can, its a smart idea to let people know where youre going and when you plan to be back.
If things were to deviate for the worse, the quicker that someone can acknowledge that something is askew, the better.

Do not leave your bag or cellular phone ignored.
Take care of your individual information (bank accounts, social security number, passwords, and so on) so that others cant access it.
And, nowadays, someone only requires your cellular phone for a couple minutes to put a tracking device on it and have access to your photos and who knows exactly what else.

When youre online, use common sense.
Be cautious about being too totally free with info or letting individuals understand excessive about your routine, where you live, or other individual details, up until you truly know who it is youre talking to.
Furthermore, ensure that when you enter your individual details (bank account info, for instance), youre utilizing a safe site.

Its empowering to feel like youve got some gotten skills to deal with, and this can be particularly true for women when it pertains to learning self-defense relocations.
In some cases worry is made up of what is unknown, and feeling like we know exactly what to do if put in a circumstance that is frightening can assist us seem like were equipped to do something about it.

Safety is a great practice to live by, in all aspects of your life.
Youll never ride alone with Bedour Tours, your driver will be professional and friendly, and our equipment is frequently maintained to make sure that your safety is never jeopardized.

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Friday, 27 March 2020 by On the lookout for a way to throw a book party that nobody will forget.
Look for a charter company and rent a party bus.
Party buses arrive in a variety.
From sport trucks which have consoles and screens with seats that face each other sound systems, and much more to standard party buses, you can’t fail.
What exactly are the advantages of having a paty bus occasion.
Mobility: Take your celebration once you rent a bus.
You can party together both on and also on the bus.
Have your driver take you around town to your favorite places and feel like a VIP when you pull in the doorway.
Whether you want to reach restaurants that are different or go to all your favorite dance clubs, then there is a party bus celebration for you.
Novelty: Let us be honest, people get sick of performing the same thing over and over again.
Switch things up by getting entertainment.
Dance, sing, and mingle to your heart’s content.
.all while you’re on the road.
Affordability: Desire something that’s fun and amazing for you and your friends, without spending your whole life savings.
A party bus is the way to go.
Load up on appetizers and drinks, make your party playlist, and get ready to take the time of your life when you receive a party bus out of your charter company.
Planning a party has never been so simple.
Bedore Tours is one of the local charter company today that you can contact and to see which party buses they have available.
You won’t be sorry.
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No Comments Get Out and Unwind!

Thursday, 19 March 2020 by Sometimes you need a switch from everyday life, endless hours on the phone at the office, stressful customer negotiations, or you just want to give your eyes the chance to recover from being so glazed over after staring at a screen all day (every day).
Sometimes you just need to feel like a real person again.
So why don’t you travel with Rochester charter bus and get a hotel room in a place away from home.
Well, we think there are loads of benefits, and listed below are just a few: The value of reconnecting.
Let’s face it: when you’re connected in at work, trying to deal with the house, busy with civic duties, keeping the little ones fed and the laundry pile under control, making sure the lawn is mowed, and you get your miles logged so you’re on track for the upcoming race you’re registered for.
It might be hard to squeeze a meaningful conversation in there somewhere, have a chance to really listen and find out what’s going on with the people that are right next to you most of the time.
But that’s the perk of booking accommodations somewhere where you actually get away, making everything on the usual task list moot.
Escaping means you’re not there to achieve it, even if you liked to.
But hey, for that.
You’ve got time to sit and invest in the people you love the most.
A few days of that will renew your relationships.
Getting away opens up new doors, new sights, new opportunities.
The routine of life brings familiar comfort, but it can also bring monotony and a feeling of stifled development by travelling with our Rochester charter bus.
It’s a common time to reset and reevaluate.
Taking time to have those essential conversations and letting yourself some quiet amid the chaos of everyday life creates a natural venture to reset, rethink, and see where you are and where you ‘d like to be.
It can help you determine where your life is on target, as well as what you want to adjust and do in different ways.
It’s time to notice family and friends that you don’t get to see nearly as often as you ‘d like.
Whether you live region apart or only a couple of hours away, the fact still remains that you don’t see each other much (or hardly at all).
But if you put it on the calendar, the time is booked.
And someone could say that if you need to schedule it, it must not really matter as much as it should.
That’s not true; scheduling it means you value it enough to make it happen even though the demands on your time are crazy.
Whether you’re gathering at the family cabin for a week or booking a hotel with friends and planning to enjoy some good food and sites, getting away has its pluses., our Rochester charter bus is only a call away.
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